Are there any Fender Strat experts here? Because I need help identifying this particular Strat:

Someone told me that that guitar is called a “Fat Strat” (one humbucker in the bridge). But what is the actual model name of it? And what colour do you think it is?

For example- Is it a Standard, a Deluxe, an American Standard, an American Deluxe, etc.?

And I think the colour looks to be chrome red.

Does anyone here know for sure? Any ideas, guys?

I look forward to hearing what you guys think. Thanks!
i think

my friend has that exact same guitar, it's pretty cool. i believe the color is midnight wine.
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Yeah its a Fat Strat. Not sure on the color though.
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Well, it is a fat strat, it looks like it MIGHT have another humbucker too. The neck almost looks kind of vintage.
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