Alright I know how When you Tune Standardly. Once you Find the Thick String Tuned on E, Each string after that (except one) can be the same note as the string before it, On the 5th Fret. Well I did that at first, But I've only had the strings on for a month And have been using my chromatic Tuner to tune each string Till recently.

I noticed The Strings are the same note..on the 10th Fret. Instead of the 5th. But The Note Is Still The Note i need it to be when just Strumming.

And when i look Down the hole the strings come out of. I can see (what i think is) too much of the beginning of the String, The part where it Twists and starts to warp around the Little Circle thing.

now Is this a Bridge problem? about the Tuning on 9th, rather than 5th Fret

Or should i just change my Strings. (they might not even have been on a month)
Quote by acdcrocks0323
It is the same note, but not the same pitch most likely.

Hmm..Maybe but Strumming it sounds Damn close, And String tightness is Pretty Equal...like if i WERE to tune them on the 5th Fret. They would be coming off the Fret board