sounds pretty good considering the mic quality, and ur by urself...id just say in the verses loosen up your voice a little bit, Tom Petty just sounds so relaxed when singing, you sound really tight
'I love her, but I love to fish...I'm gonna miss her"
beyond ur voice being too forced and unrelaxed like nemjeff said your playing was also a lil sloppy and in the song they let the sound ring out more it feels like ur muting too much at the end. but luckly this is all stuff that you can easily fix
Not bad man, I really liked the guitar work (specially in the intro).
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.........oh wow.
Eddy 372, im nominating you badass of UG
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I believe thats the best looking Explorer I've ever seen, I did think they were all ugly until i seen that one Eddy372 good choice.