I'm thinking either a 6505 combo if I cant get a good deal on a 5150 combo used, or a 6505 head, My budget isnt big. I think the combo might be better because its 60w and the head is much much more. Right now I am not gigging, so I just want eithe r a2x12 combo or a head with a 2x12 cabinet. What do you guys think?

I'm more leaning towards the combo, then if I start a band up eventually I'll just pair the combo with a 2x12 cabinet. What do you guys think? Thanks guys
2x12 cabs are badass but if youre on the road alot then combo.
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In my house I think I'd prefer the combo, and 60watts tube is more then enough, and if I do decide to gig which could happen, then I can just pair it with the cab. Thanks, anyone else?
The combo by itself would be more than you'd ever need for a gig.
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you probably wouldnt even need to pair it with a cab. itd be plenty loud enough. but like i said before 2x12 cabs are sick
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The combo by itself would be more than you'd ever need for a gig.

Very true.

I have the 6505 combo, and I highly recommened you purchase it. It actually sounds pretty great at low volumes for bedroom playing aswell. I can get mine to 1/10 before it's starts getting a bit too loud, but it still does sound very well. The cleans are also better than I thought they would be. Still not great, but a chorus pedal would come in handy definitely. The only downer about it is it weighs a fucking ton. It's cheaper, and you can still hook it up to a cab aswell.

I'm hoping that all made sense. I'm ridiculously sick right now, so I get a little disoriented.

Thanks man, kiefer, your in ontario too..how much should I be looking to spend? What did you pay for yours?
You're welcome.

I got mine used on ebay for $660. Used 5150/6505's generally go from $600-$700. If you look hard enough, you might be able to snag one in the $500 range. I've seen a few go pretty cheap like that. Rarely though.

The guitar stores in my area are pretty awful.. so there's never any 6505's in stock. Just Marshalls, Crates, and Fenders mostly.. so I'm not exactly how expensive they are brand-new in store.. probably a little over $1,000 though.

You can pick a combo up on MusiciansFriend for about $1,200 I believe, now that they've raised their prices. Actually, I'm pretty sure the non-plus head on MF is cheaper now..
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Head and 2 x 12 combo

Easier to transport

Easier to change speaker configurations

Can be upgraded to 4 x 12's

One can be sold easier if you get bored with it and still have a head or cab to your disposal

Most studios have Cabs there to use so you can just take the head in.
Head and cab.

The combo weighs 85lbs and is weird as hell to carry. The more head versions of them I play I like better than the combos now, eventhough I used to be the other way. Though 6505+>6505 still for me.

Also leaves you more room to upgrade, plus Peavey speakers are crap.
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I simply dont have the funds to fork out however for a cab with say v30's, the head is easily affordable..but the cab will probly set me back way to long, tough call