i recently changed the strings on my squier strat, from 10s to 9s, and all of a sudden the low E, A, and D strings buzz like hell. ive had no problem with this before, even while switching the strings from the same gauges. can anyone help me out?
raise your action on the bridge or mess with the truss rod
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ur neck probably warped a little due to something as simple as a humidity change. ull need to get ur truss rod adjusted.
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It can be a few things (noting that it's a squier). If it's old, there might be bad fretwear so you get super buzz. It could be your action fell during string changing, or just over time, and finally, it could be your neck is warped. Makes sure to check everything first before trying to adjust any of them. It might be something simple like just changing back to 10's, but who knows.
your neck isnt as curved as it used to be b/c the decreased tension of the change from 10's to 9's... you need to increase the curvature of your truss rod a little
thanks for the help, ive gotten rid of most of the buzz on the E and A strings by raising the action at the bridge. but the D is still messed up. and ive raised it as high as it can comfortably go. now it only buzzes when i hit the string hard. anything special for that? or just the same old stuff?