So I'm starting to tinker with electronics. I'm trying to build a little Smokey amp to start out with. I have an electronics kit with a whole bunch of parts: resistors, IC's, LED's, capacitors, etc.

I need two 47 microfarad capacitors, but that seems to be the only kind I don't have. I have 470, 4.7, .047, and a plethora of others, but no 47. I don't know much about capacitors, could I combine two to get the correct capacitance?

Here's the schem. Pretty simple.

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I would honestly just go to radioshack and pick up some 47uf capacitors. They'll be the electrolytic type.

If you want to order more parts, i suggest you order a bunch from Futurlec. The prices are great, and if you order enough parts, it more than offsets the shipping costs.
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order the parts its less of a hassle, if you dont then you'll have to put 10 4.7uf's in parallel to equal a 47uf
For C2, any value between 4.7uf and 100uf will be fine - if you go smaller, you'll limit the low frequency output of the speaker. For C1, 100uf works fine.
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