pretty sweet! nice and original. the best part was the harmonizing in the end, amazing!! you should make it longer with some more harmonizing, that was done very well. pretty catchy stuff, and garageband is fun :-D

cfc? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=798774

edit- a few more things i liked:

the all is well in the end, then they crying cause the kids went back to school, nice lol

the robot sounds, very eipc

your fooled around with voice reminded me of this one ride on epcot in disney (the one inside the globe). idk if youve been on it, butr its pretty identical in my eyes (or ears)
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

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thanks, i will check out your song tomorrow when i have some time.

oh, and that was me giggling, not crying haha, i was giggling throughout the whole song pretty much, that part just happened to be recorded.
Like the intro, the crazy women haha. The drum beat is well placed in the mix. I have to say that im not too keen when the women stops talking and the riff kicks in. It just sounds to me like its from a pokemon game tbh. Its not bad, just think you could have done better. When that women is talking its really good coz its really different. But when she stops you need something a bit more hard hitting. My main advise to you is to think Pendulum, not Pokemon.

Well produced however i cant knock that. That vocal is great. i love it, its not too perfect, its just funny and cool.

6/10-try and give it some more ooommppphh

crit mine?

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erm...that woman is me aha. the helium effect in garageband. as i said before, garageband: fun.

don't worry i know the melody is INCREDIBLY cheesy, you could supply france with enough to cheese to last them a year from this song alone.

i'll get to your songs real soon guys, i'm real sorry, but i always check the forums late at night when i'm dying for sleep.

but i will get to them!!!