Well because I have a British style amp and cab, EMG's just don't work on some types of music. I was looking at an Epiphone Dot Studio (the brown one that's $250) I am pretty tight on money as i am saving for college. Do any of you own one? Do you recommend it? Any problems with it?

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Yeah, I've got one. Really great guitar for the money, very sturdy and has a good acoustic tone. Fairly good electronics, though you have to be wary of the switch....

That said, I'm not fond of it.....think I'm more of a single-coil guy, though....
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I don't have it but I have tried it and it seemed very good for the price, the quality seemed a bit off, but overall it felt and sounded pretty good.
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they play alright, but ugly as sh*t in my opinion
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Find a good one and they're great. I own a standard dot which is my main guitar, the quality varies a lot, as I have played Dot's that a couldn't stand yet, mine is tasty.
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