Hey i just finished my new song check it out
i recently learned St. tomas out of my fake book and felt inspired to make a recording.

it starts out with a smooth jazz feel but the St. Tomas comes in later.
ive been playing a little over a year, and have little expirence with recording
so please crit my song, i think its pretty decent
and leave a link and ill crit you

its on my profile
"st. Tomas Remix"

thanks in advance

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Me playing
your a bit our of tune. I do like the Beggining though. to much flange on the second part just sounds like mud. ad a some overdrive or distortion on your lead guitar. its a bit sloppy. but yah needs work could be very good.

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I must agree, I dont like the second half the rhythm clashes with the clean lead. though the first half is nice, a lil cleaning up here and there, and may be try expanding the drum line a lil bit? Then your good to go

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Yeah, this is kinda interesting. The intro is great; loving the synth bass sequence and the chords are cool. I think there's some timing issues with the lead guitar and a few "wrong" notes. The second part is somewhat awkward, even though the idea is good. I think the transition should be a bit smoother and you need to watch the volume level, 'cause now there's some clipping. It's your decision but I think it's not best idea to play clean lead over the heavily distorted rhythm guitar. All in all, it's a good song. Keep it up!