So I was eating some soup, and as i swallowed a green bean, the skin rolled up and got pinched in between my tonsil and the wall of my throat. I've tried picking it out, but it doesn't come out(or will it work itself out). Can someone help me?
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lol. thats what she said. dude, if its stuck in your throat and is an obstruction, see a doctor, if its not gonna kill you, it'll probably work itself out
Jesus Christ.

Go to a doctor if you think it's that bad. Don't tell The Pit about a bean stuck in your throat (Or wait til it's out, then come tell us). Even though that's fucking awesome, I really don't care.
I hope it's cold, everyday, where you are.
Move your jaw around fast, that might help it out.





Gurgle water? Make yourself throw up?

I hope everything is ok; but yes you should probably go see a doctor if it seems stuck.
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I'm sure whoever you find to do this will be glad to help