Hey guys, got a question for ya'll:

Last summer, I re-painted an old squire P-bass I had around. I love how it came out (red sparkle), except for the clear finish. At the time, I didn't have any sort of buffer, so for the last coat of clear i just thinned it a little more, and put on a light layer of it. it turned out ok, and unless you're looking at it up close, you can't see that its not smooth like the factory finish. I want it to be mirror-smooth like new guitars fresh from the factory are. I recently bought a craftsman 10'' orbital buffer. My question is, what process should i go through to get a smoother finish? Can I just use a little of that spray polish and take the buffer right to it? Or should I sand a little or a lot, and use some kind of polishing compound? Will it even work with the buffer I got? Thanks in advance
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Depending on the severity of the 'orange peel' you may have to sand it out first. I use Micro-mesh sand paper to finish the finish. You can get it in kit form which comes with all 9 grits and a foam sanding block. The stuff is great...I swear by it. By the time you get through wet sanding with all 9 grits, you may/probably will not even have to worry about buffing. I'm serious when I say it's up to you if you want to buff it out further...micro-mesh produces a great finish. You can find the large kit at stewmac, but, woodcraft.com has the smaller kit (smaller sheets), which will be perfect for what you want to do and is something like half the cost of the larger kit at stewmac. Some advice, whether you chose to use your buffer or sand with micro-mesh, be very carefull around any edges. It is very easy to sand or buff through the finish. Good luck.