two year twelves at my school just realeased their hilarious debut album 'Good Morning Mr. Fisher' I should post some songs but u can hear some **** on their myspace- www.myspace.com/jimmyandbentogetherforever

I will post more songs soon maybe. Spread teh word of Jimmy And Ben!
there is a promote your band forum. i know. ive seen it.
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It was such a good suggestion you gave him pi?

yeah, he gave me pi.
haha the myspace title is "JimmyAndBenTogetherForever"
once their balls drop they will regret that move...

EDIT: OH! "Year twelves"! At first glance I thought it said "Twelve year olds", and I was laughing, thinking this was half a joke. My bad.
They actualy sound really good.
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