I have a budget of 1500
If I go over that budget im just gonna get a powerball, but I rather not spend over 1500. So below 1500 what are my options. I dont plan to play really heavy metal. More along the lines of say Iron maiden. Something for a good legato sound and such
Yeah, Mesa for sure. Also check out a B-52 AV100 halfstack. Really great deal, great sound, dubbed the "poor man's Mesa".
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I see. I heard some people tell me mesa is awesome, but that there is better for the price. Is that true? Will the b52 sound better than a mesa at the same price? which will be closer to the ENgl powerball? Are these better than that PEAVEy JSX satriani sig amp
ok so what mesa is good for metal and in my price range of 1500

If im gonna go over 2000 i might as well go for the engl powerball so please stick to the 1500 budget on them opinions.

Thank you.