to me this sounds like a very depressing song musicwise but lyrically it's angry so anybody else find it depressing sounding

here's the link to the video of the song

sorry it's an amv there's nothing else i could find on youtube about it
i love BUSH, great tune, I don't find it depressing. Learn to play it, bet you will find it a bit more fun!!!
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I don't find it depressing.

mebe it's just me or mebe the violins did the trick for me
Bush is awesome. This song is a little depressing but that doesn't make it bad at all if thats something you're trying to get at.
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Doesnt beat Glycerine by Bush

Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event by Deftones is probably one of the most depressing songs i have heard.

That and center aisle by Caedmons Call.
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