So there's no acoustic-electric forum here, so this is the closest I can do.

I bought a kick ass micro cube amp (my first amp) and I'm definitely mesmerized with all the cool effects it has. I feel like I just bought an electric guitar now that I can plug the thing in and rock out with some distortion or play some cool 60's style stuff with the reverb.

Anyway, my only grievance is that whenever I turn the thing up much above 1/4 volume or raise the gain too much, the feedback comes screaming in. Sometimes its so bad I have to continuously keep one finger on the thick e to mute it at all times or else it'll slowly build up and feed back

What do you acoustic-electric guys do to get around this? Its not so bad when I'm on the other side of the room but you can still hear it sometimes. To make it worse, the guitar hole plugs they sell ("feedback busters") at my local music store don't fit in my guitar

makes me wonder how the heck performers get by without any feedback on their acoustics
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Simple most acoustic electric guys play on the clean channel because acoustics usually feedback bad with distortion.
make sure the speaker isn't facing the sound hole, in fact it would be better in general if the amp was behind you. Also, I'm not sure how well it would work, but you could tape a piece of construction paper over your hole, and that should take care of a lot of feedback.
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I know a guy with a micro cube and an acoustic and it gives him crazy feedback on distortion as well. Just turn around and try to cover the soundhole the best you can.
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turn down the gain? and not facing the amp would help if you arent already doing that. cuz ive hooked up my acoustic to an amp before(its not acoustic electric but i have a pickup to put in the hole) and i didnt really have a problem. although i didnt use any effects.