thnx finally some replies...others please tell how the song is so that we can post more songs in the future
I Thought it was pretty good, Not a fan of the specific song but the vocals were done Better than most covers ive seen on here. be proud.

Mind Critting Mine? Its in the Thread "Titanic Theme"?
ohh thnx a lot pple wed be like doin more stuff in the future...jus need many reviews so that u know we can improve...actually thinkin of orignals now.......now thru reviews we need to know where we lack,,,,thnx a lot fr all the reviews..
Thanks for commenting my Satriani song! I have another thread here, please, check it out.

Now, what a beautiful voice, huh?! Guitar also very well done, tone very close to the original one. Only try to masterize it, try the iZotope Ozone plugin. You can excite some frequencies with it, and give some life to your recordings.

Keep postings, I´ll be commenting!! Cheers
ohh man thnx a lot i neva knew abt it...all i knew was how to route ma processor to ma comp