I have a few questions here.

I'm in Australia, and trying to find somewhere where i can buy a Left-Handed, jackson style guitar neck.

At the moment, I'm not having much luck, at all.

I've looked on ebay for a few, however the only ones i could find are those ones from hong kong (the eden ones)

Does anybody happen to know where i can acquire one?

All help is appreciated =D

P.S -- Am i able to use ANY machine heads with a lefty neck?
Because your in Australia, I can see where shipping cost may be a problem. My first thoughts, after forgetting your in Australia, were stewmac.com or warmoth, but, I really don't know if they have left hand necks. The other possibility is try contacting Ormsby Guitars. I believe he's in Australia and can either build you one or, at least, direct you to someone down there who supplies them. He's here on UG, so, you should be able to get in touch with him somehow.
Quote by Mad-Season
Here you go.

Get an uncut one and cut your own Jackson headstock.

Or ask them to order in a lefty Jackson.

Or use a righty Jackson and have reverse headstock.

With a righty jackson neck, the side dots would then be underneath.

or would i be able to mod the neck and chuck some side dots on the top?

or change the binding around?
Change the binding around or be the man and learn to play without using the side dots at all.
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The side dots are pretty easy to do. Im lefty and I usually get righty as they are much easier to get. The side dots just need a small hole drilled and the the stub of plastic pushed in.