I'm making progress with my lyrics....but i just cant get any of the music i write to reflect what im feeling in my songs.....can any body help me to get my music to carry the emotions aswell?
I'd suggest that you stop trying so hard. Struggling for the right music will lead you nowhere, you'll keep playing the same empty, feelingless chord progressions and rhythms over and over again.
So just RELAX, and let the song do itself. Read the lyrics, try to believe what you wrote, and play your guitar as if you only wanted to do something with your hands. Inspiration, the right music will come when you least expect it. I know, it's hard to sit there patiently, just playing random chords and scales, but it's the only way it works. At least, that's what I do.
One more thing: the "let it do itself" works all along the song, even if you have a good idea, don't try to finish it right away. You have a good verse? - OK, so play it from time to time, improvise on it, and wait until you find a refrain, that sounds natural, or you feel that it's the right thing there. And go on like this until you finish the song. It may last a long time, but I found that its worth every second of it. Success!