i decided my unholy confessions cover needed a re...cover. i think it's a huge improvement in playing skill and sound quality. that's the reason why i kept the original on there.

its in my profile.

c4c guys.

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fly ass ******s wearin my hat

this is a good recording, but considering you've been playing since september of last year it's phenomenal. I couldn't play two notes together after only six months, haha
September last year? Not bad and keep it up.

But be careful, its better to play slow songs correctly than trying to play fast songs with a bad timing. I dont want to say that it was bad but its not perfect.

But I think you will soon nail it so keep up the good work bro

edit: Oh I forgot: you can find lessons for this song on my page (signature) . You wont need them but maybe the others do.
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