I have an audition at a college in 5 days, and I'm supposed to play 2 contrasting pieces. They dont have to be any particular genre, but they are supposed to just show what i am able to do on the guitar. I am going to play little wing for sure, but I need one more song. I was thinking about scarlet begonias by grateful dead, but i'm also thinking about some classical style song. What would be a song on the same level as Dee (randy rhoads) only longer? Any other suggestions would work, and it does not have to be classical or jazz.
Dire Straits: sultans of swing, Pearl Jam: Yellow Ledbetter -also I'm not sure if your playing an acoustic or electric based on "little wing" but if your playing on an amplified acoustic then you can probably pull off the aforementioned songs. Good luck with your audition.
oh, and you can always go with the old standby 'far beyond the sun" by Yngwie Malmsteen if those are a little too hard for you.