I liked your tone and riffage in Scratch track 3. There's some very nice pinch harmonics in there, i thought they sounded awesome. This song really needs some drums, though, it could add to it an awful lot.

C4C? there's a link in my sig
hmm i think the rhytm was a bit too 'different'; when you switch between riffs, a totally different rhytm pops up...i hope you understand what im trying to say. try to make them fit together. Also, the song was a bit too much the same, i heard the same riffs over and over again, it needed a bit more variation imo.

it still sounds nice tho, and i <3 those pinch harmonics aswell

would be nice if you could crit this song
thanks i would like to get someone to put some drums to it but everytime i try to record drums they sound really bad and i have never had much luck with drum machines does anybody know any good ways to record drums that would help alot especially later on i am going to be trying to record a demo for my band thanks i will also check out your songs aswell
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