Has anyone ever told you that you look like Bukowski? It's not a compliment. On to more important things. I started writing this about cigarettes, and then it just kind of evolved into a SKA upbeat, live for today song. W/e.

For the Love of My Friends

They say I'm inhaling death
Getting closer to my maker with every breath
My time is borrowed, I should be filled with sorrow
All I have to say is
I've had enough of this

I'm going to live on my own terms
Not sitting in a bed thinking of better days
For I want the date I leave this Earth
To be laughing my loudest at the thought of fate
The irony, it won't escape me as I take the plunge
I won't do it myself by a knife or gun
No, I'll brazenly look up towards the sky
And wake up every tomorrow thinking today I die
I hope you don't confuse me for being optimistic
More often than not I'm classified as pessimistic
Because I live by logic, and logically it's plain to see
It's not productive to waste a day above ground, wallowing in self-pity

They want me to give in
To see me hang my head with defeat
But I'll just keep defying them
Until my maker I meet
For on that day I'll be content
And I swear on my life nothing will dent
This philosophy I keep

The truth is not absolute if we keep deluding ourselves
As we become immersed in the opinions of somebody else
We've all faced our trials
We've all made made our sacrifice
And it's okay once in a while
To ask for some friendly advice
Because I haven't made it this far on my own
No, I got here with a few good people and this guitar I strum

Call me if you stumble, and I'll gladly break your fall
Know that you can confide in me your secrets, one and all
And I hope like me when you meet your end
You'll be able to leave with a smile and no regrets
Don't worry about any payment to send
Because between us there are no debts

They want us to give in
To see us hang our heads in defeat
But we'll just keep defying them
Until our maker we meet
For on that day we'll be content
And swear on our lives nothing will dent
The philosophy we keep

Well, it's at times like these that the smaller things
Are what get us through eternity
And though they say nothing in life is free
That is a lie obviously
Because I believe
I've never given my love attached to strings