hi guys, it's me again. i would like to ask how do i play a power chord with a dead string. thanks alot!
some tabs, they have an "x" symbol on some strings instead of the fret number.
That is called muting. Hold your fretting hand on the strings lightly and strum.
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I understand what the X means, but can someone give a suggestion on how to play one when the 5th is taken out and you just play the root and the octave? (done in a lot of muse songs)
I've figured out my own ways, but I was wondering what the most economical way is.


Also, I've always played almost all powerchords (except when i need to slide them, like in iron man or soothsayer) with my index finger on the root and then my pinky barred across the 5th and octave, it's faster and it mutes the strings I'm not using. Is this a bad habit? Should I try and get in the habit of playing them the traditional way?
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when i need to do that, i use my ring finger to mute the octave and my first finger to mute the root note, but i hold it so it's laying down over the middle note. it takes a bit of getting used to but all you really need to do is not tense your hand up, else it'll fret the note.
If this is played by itself, I pull the ring finger back from a standard power chord position so it mutes the 5th.
If it's played as part of a rhythm where you use the pinky to grab some notes elsewhere, I'll fret with the index and middle, and lay the index across it to mute.
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I let my ring finger tip touch the string I want to mute and the tip-pad press the string I want to fret.
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I like bar with my pointer finger and have my ring finger on the higher not

like for that chord
pointer on 3rd fret 5th string and lightly have it over the fourth string so it makes it as you call dead. and then my ring finger on the 5th fret 3rd string