I got my Dean Razorback today, Two tone black. I feel like I need to replace the stings and the pick ups. The strings im gonna upgrade to some DR Dimebag Hi Voltage strings.

For the pickups Im going with the Bill Lawrence x500L in the bridge and Duncan 59' in the neck.

The Dimebucker sure does blow, I was doing some dive bombs when I first got the guitar and Im not getting the squeals I like. upgrading to the X500L hopefully will solve that problem.

You guys have any other recommendations towards upgrading my Razorback, any info would be appreciated.

thank you
Does it have a trem? If so, make sure you get an OFR.

By the way, if you have the right setup, the Dimebucker does not blow. On SS it sounds pure ****, on the right tube or a SS with a pedal it sounds nice.
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Yeah it has a licensed Floyd Rose. I have a Randall RG75G3 amp, the Dimebucker sounds alright, Ive just been reading around, and I heard the Bill lawrence just sounds alot better.