aloha ppl,
im pretty new here, and me & 2 mates (drums + bass + guitar & vox) just formed a band, this is our first song

Well ok the song is about a girlfriend, wich was 'just a good friend' for a long time, but a few months ago we had this amazing night (by coinsedence, we were sleeping at a friend's place, not enough beds, so we had to share 1) and i totally fell in love with her.. A few days after that, when i saw her again, she acted like if nothing ever happened (i did call her after that night and told her that i liked her alot etc etc)....and the weekend after that i saw her kissing with some other guy. And i'm just... lost, jealous, desperate, confused and VERY pissed atm

it's more of a hard, pissed-off song, no soft accoustic crap this time, ANY criticism is welcome..but plz keep in mind that i wrote the song / text in like 30 - 40 minutes ...it isnt totally ready yet, perhaps we place a solo in it, and we'll probably record it at a real studio if ppl like it (WE WANTZ MORE DISTORTION PLX).

nvm the begin, we had a bit too much booze


(LYRICS: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=794325 )
the knockaround slackers? awsome name? you sound very drunk lol. i thought the vocals were decent, but they could have slowed down a bit. it does seem a bit extreme for a one night stand no? the lyrics are a bit cheesy but, not too bad.

good stuff though. i liked the general feel alot.
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not really my style but it was pretty good im just into to heavier music
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digging the overall sound of the song..not exaclty my style of music but i can appreciate it...instruments sounded good and vox were ok..but ima gonna have to agree they were boardline cheesy however you wrote it in 30-40 min so with a little revision im sure they'll turn out fine
Chorus was quality.

The lyrics weren't perfect but they were pretty strong.

Generally, I think it's a pretty great song man. Good work

It was recorded in a friend's room, he's got a cheapass mixer, plugged our instruments in, borrowed a friends electric drumset, borrowed a (good!) mic, and voila. Couldn't sing it over though, it went wrong for some reason x) . So the singing is kinda crappy for record quality.

I agree with Chriss & DMBftw, working on the lyrics right now.
btw the lyrics are kinda ''extreme for a one night stand'' 'cause she's been a good friend of me for like a year, then we had this ''one night stand'', after that she starts kissing with some other random guy, and i have the feeling that it was (actually i know that for 99% sure) just to make me jealous. I mean wtf. Really don't know what happened to her, think her evil twin showed up or something...
but still, it's too cheezy idd.

Thanks for the feedback peepz!