hey guys,
uno how you check for fret buzz by fretting the 14th and 1st fret well... when i fret the 14th fret the string is already touch the 1st fret. Is this bad? i presume that the nut my be cut down to low or whatever, could even be truss rod (but i doubt it)
bump: Any ideas? (note i gave my guitar to a tech and he said he fixed nut problems but im not so sure he did... the E string is less than a mm away from touching the wood behind the nut.. maybe that is because he set it up for a 0.52 not 54 i cant remember.. and i seem to get a little buzz on open string of A im pretty sure u cant hear it through the amp though. Its probably because i have 11s - 54s on and my guitar is meant for 12s 54/52. not much diff though)
If you are fretting on the 14th fret it doesn't matter if the string it hitting the first fret, if its hitting the 15th or 16th fret you will have trouble.