I have recently bought a new electric guitar(haven't played before), until now I have just connected it to the computers sound card(line in) to add effects but its not to grate. Now I am thinking of buying a POD to it.

I want to be able to record my music to the computer, VST plug ins are preferred.
I need it to be easy to play on with only headphones and no computer.
I will not use it in a band or live.
I play rock and hard rock.

The pods I have looked at are pocket pod and pod xt.

Pocket Pod
+ : Its small and easy to carry with me
+ : Its possible to connect to my computer
+ : Its only 105 eur brand new

- : it cant record dry sound to the computer?
- : No pedal can be connected
- : The sound seems to be bad comparing to the POD XT?

Pod XT
+ : Its not small but movable if I decide to practice in an other rum at home
+ : Its possible to connect to my computer
+ : Possible to record dry sound?
+ : It have alot of settings(but will i need them?)
+ : Pedals can be connected(have no pedals yet)
+: Good sound?

- : I have to buy a used one for 200 eur with no warranty, and with out seeing it before

Becourse I have recently bought a new electric guitar(PRS SE singelcut) I want to get as much as I need for as cheap as I can.

What would you suggest? Is the POD XT really much better then the pocket pod? Or will the pocket pod do for a beginner like me?
pocket pod is just artists presets

xt has presets and individual effects

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

The pocket pod is pretty much a practice tool only. The pod is great for recording and getting good sounds to line in and recording.
XT is way way more advanced than the pocket pod. Many many more effects and amp models, its a much better bit of kit which will serve the same purpose as the pocket pod only do it better.
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