Hi All,

This is my first post here so congratulations on such a great place you have here!

I have a Jackson strat that I have just put an EMG-60 bridge pick up which sounds quite good, really bright with a real body to the tone. I'm in the the process of wiring up the neck & middle single coil pickups back into the guitar, fingers crossed this will go ok.

The thing is that this guitar has 3 controls 1 volume, 1 treble & 1 bass. The volume and treble work fine. But the bass pot was removed a while ago. Can somebody please tell me of any pictures/ diagrams showing how to acheive this kind of wiring?

Thanks, Dave.

It is an active guitar. With the old wiring I had an preamp board soldered onto the volume pot. The old pickups had the sheilding and one hot wire, where as the EMG-60 pickup has the shielding then hot wite and a wire that goes to the battery.

I think that the 2 old single coils that are on it might be better being replaced by single coils that are wired in the same way as the new EMG-60.

Anyway I have removed all of the old wiring as my new pickup has its own built in preamp and comes with its own volume pot & tone pot as well as its own battery fitting and guitar jack which EMG insist you use.

I disconnceted the bass pot years ago, cannot remeber why to be honest.

Could any show me a good picture of an inside of a guitar that details a 5 way switch wired to 3 pickups with these 3 wires I have described? Better still the set up I have just described with a bass pot in there as well?

Thanks, Dave.
It's hard to tell you how to wire that active preamp, since I have no idea what it is.
Is it an EMG one? Any of these ones?

See if EMG has a diagram for you:

I don't really have any experience with active pickups.