what is your opinion on the best brand for metal guitars?best brand?best pickups?strings?

ive got a schecter damien fr with emgs and dr black beauties..
what do u guys think?
It's all about preference.


Except one thing: BC Rich, apart from their custom shop and very high end, suck.
i own a schecter damien FR and i highly recommend it, its pretty heavy, but it sounds and plays great
Ibanez RG's are great guitars for metal. From hair to Black. I play an Ibanez RG 320 DX QM. I have an EMG 81 in the bridge and an 85 in the neck. The 81 is great for screaming pinch harmonics anywhere on the guitar and for great solos and ripping leads. The neck is the wizard II and it is very thin. The guitar itself is built well, light, and is very durable; takes a lot of damage if necessary. Also it stays in tune for months with its locking trem system. I bought the RG with infiniti pickups for 399. With the emg's on it its about 540. Best guitar i've ever owned. Buy It
Yeah man, it's all personal preference.

But if you really want to know I actually like Esp guitars, Dr tight fits or high beams, and high output passive pickups.

And personally I don't like ibanez's tone for high distortion metal. I think it's a little thin using basswood as their primary tone wood. They are really good for shred/rock/80's metal.
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I like my G-400 for heavy stuff. I mostly tend to stay away from metal though, and play more grindcore/crust punk/skramz oriented stuff. And some black metal.
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Guitar brands geared more towards metal?

AXL guitars
Minarik guitars
B.C. Rich guitars
Ran guitars

The list could go on!
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