hi guys and gals

just wondering if all you lovely people could share your methods of working out strumming patterns for songs. i'm sure a lot of noobs like me could do with the help. I know alot of you will say just listern to the track and try to work it out but often this is pretty hard with drums, singing and other guitars going off, so to speak, at the same time. i'm finding it hard to hone in on the actual rythym guitar strums although i can feel (hey man!!) the chord changes etc. I'm not really asking for any particular songs or particular patterns, dduud etc, just the techniques that seem to work for you.

thanks, any help would be much appreciated.
See if you can get a program like 'transcribe' to slow the song down. You really have just to listen carefully and do bit by bit. Figure out the rhythm for one chord, then the next. Just have to go really slow. It is frustrating at first but you'll eventually pick it up faster.