I bought my HSS kinda on a whim awhile back. At the time I really wanted this pretty Les Paul, but I couldnt justify it at the time as it was more pricy and I never played a day before in my life.

So now its months later, and Im loving the guitar as a whole and am thinking of getting another one for a different sound/feel.

I want something with more punch, and better looks than my strat (I know, blasphemy to some here!).

Genres I look to play are blues and rock wit-a-tad-o-metal.

$1200 cap. I tend to like the looks of PRS's and Gibsons, but I'll take a great playing/looking off name as well.

BC Rich all the way, especially the new Mockingboards look and sound amazing
I quite like my Godin tbh, got a really nice thick sound. take a look at godins or gibson lespauls, or if u can find one look at Rickenbackers, ive got one and its easily the best guitar i own and it even does metal well.
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es 335?
im mainly a strat and hollowbody man, but i really like the ibanez satriani sig. check it out too
Consider the Epiphone Elitist Les Paul.
Some say it's better than a Gibson Studio, and I personally think it's a helluva lot prettier. Except for the headstock.
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Looking up the Mockingbirds, Rickenbackers and Elitist now.

Thanks guys!
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You can get a guitar customized to your specifications for that much.
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