So Tom Petty is on tour. He is playin in my area around May. Anyone gone to any of his concerts on this tour? if you have how was it and could you tell me how much the tickets cost?
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I don't think the tour has started yet.

But he sounded great at the Super Bowl.

And I have tickets to see him in Alpharetta, Ga (my hometown)...

Oh yeah, and Steve Winwood is opening... who I like more than Tom Petty.

Edit: and tickets were $70- $120... but it is a brand new ampitheatre so I'd imagine they are more expensive than most.
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If you like Petty at all, go. He puts on a solid live show, and Steve Winwood as an opener makes it that much better.

Tour starts May 30th, tickets range from about $50 to $130 (depending on the seats/venue).

So until May...


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