These are my latest songs, Its really an album more than an EP cos of the amount of material
Tell me what you think, i worked very hard on these

Its a mixture of metal/metalcore, Orchestras and that kinda thing.Symphonic metal if you

'Eternal deprivation Part I', 'Half' and 'Last of our hope' are metal/metalcore.
'Eternal deprivation part II' and 'Burn' are ballady type songs.
'The river', 'The fallen' and 'Repentance parts I II and III' are all hugely based on
Orchestraic melodies and the like.
'The river' and 'The fallen' are two songs from a 'trilogy' im writing about different feelings and events and past experiences.

I Know its alot of stuff, you dont have to crit every song.

C4C and all that shizzle
Metal EP.zip
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I'm listening now, will edit once it's done. My tuning, since you were wondering, is Open C half a step down, so...


EDIT: Here we go.

I won't put an individual score for the songs, as I think they're all very strong. I'll give an overall one at the end... just to keep the suspense

The River is good stuffl; you've obviously put a lot of thought into this. My favourite parts were the solo and the bridge; however, the guitar lead during the bridge could almost be considered a bridge in itself. Good song. It does drag a little bit, and gets a little repetitive towards the end.

The Fallen seems a little formulaic to me. I don't know but the long, sustained chordal sections just lacked energy. The flutes sound pretty cool when they come, and you obviously like your symphonic metal (which is cool), but The Fallen just didn't quite grab my attention from the start. Since it's quite a slow song, it gets a bit dreary and same-y by the end.

Repentance I found much more enjoyable. The start fell victim to The Fallen's slowness, but once the tempo went up and the guitars started hitting that low B, it's much more engaging. The ending section (Deathnote) is also a great way to calm down after the storm so to speak. Really interesting, unpredictable, high-energy track.

Last of our hope is right up my street; a speedy melodeath rampage like that is always good, and the chorus in particular stands out as something just asking for melodic vocals; almost something CoB would write (the solo is also very Alexi Laiho). Probably my favourite of the lot.

I'll say right now that I'm not a fan of harmonizing; I think that the intro riff to Half would be even more powerful and unsettling if you just used one guitar. Then again, that's just me. The verse is fast and thrashy, just as we like it. Chorus is a little bland and formulaic, but again, I can see how some vocals could cure that. The solo in the bridge is solid stuff, but again, maybe tone down a little on the harmonizing.

Eternal deprivation is more of the same. I prefer your stripped down songs over the orchestral ones, but in this case it doesn't really do it for me. The chorus sounds similar to that of Half, and the whole song just sounds a little rehashed really. The clean bridge is the real stand-out on this song, though. It's fantastic... sounds a little like Master of Puppets, actually. Hope it's a coincidence One tip though, when the drums come in with the double kick while the clean section continues, it drowns the guitar out. Best to keep the drums quiet and simple so that they don't move the focus away from the guitar. Overall, I think the song is a bit of a letdown, even if that clean riff is one I'll remember.

Eternal Deprivation part 2 I enjoyed a lot more. However, I don't really see the link between that and Eternal Deprivation part 1. They're two completely different songs, and I think should be left that way. If there's a lyrical thing going on then fine, but otherwise keep them away from each other. I like this song as a clean song, and the melodies are all fun. Nothing to complain about here, even if the chorus is (as ever for me...) a little similar to the previous ones. You need to break out of the mould of writing choruses that rely on sustained power chords; it's not very original. That's a shame, because your stuff sounds like nothing much I've ever heard before, and it's a pity that I'm almost able to predit what the next chorus will sound like.

Burn's piano work is, and I say this in all honesty and without exaggeration, perfect. It's fantastic. If you change a single note of it, I will take the train straight down to Suffolk and murder you. It's almost a great song in itself when accompanied with the strings, which manage to complement it very well. The key change in the bridge worked very well, too; again, keep the harmonizing in the solo down! It is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Wow... that was a lot of writing, but then again a lot of work and good stuff has come out of this EP/album. It's quite seriously signable stuff. As you can see, my main complaints are stylistic ones, ie the choruses and the harmonizing. This isn't usually what I listen to though, so take it with a pinch of salt.

However, on the strength of the material, you've just got a...




Well done, mate. I expect to see more!
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Seeing as I have nothing to do for a while, I'll crit as many as I can. Hopefully I'll get to do them all. I have high expectations after the above critique.

Burn: Good stuff. Definitely more of the ballady type of feel, which is really cool. Could definitely be about something really sad. I didn't especially like the guitar solo. It wasn't phrased very well. And I mean that it didn't really lead on to the next part or something. But obviously this is your song/style and so it's probably just my personal opinion/preference. The piano part was very good. Got a bit repeditive but still very nice. Overall this gets an 8/10.

Eternal Deprivation: Again, good song. This one didn't really grab me though.. I liked the idea, the climbing/descending piano thing during the chorus and all. But it just didn't appeal to me very much. It seemed pretty repeditive but I'm sure that'll be fixed with lyrics. It was a good song, just not my favorite. Made me think a bit of Sonata Arctica which is a HUGE plus. Overall, 6.5/10.

Half: This is a strong song. Reminds me SO much of Dyers Eve by Metallica. I love it, so driving and definitely has momentum. The only thing I can say is that the first solo was too short in my opinon. You just barely get past the sweeping and it's already almost done. And the second solo seemed a bit too much pure wankage... But great song none-the-less. Overall, 8.5/10.

Last Of Our Hope: *head explodes* That was ****ing awesome. That was like a perfect mixture of Lamb of God, Metallica, Children of Bodom, and some hardcore mixed in too. Wow. I loved it. Great job with the phrasing on this one. Awesome riffage. Cool solo. Strong chorus. Overall, 10/10.

Repentance: *head explodes again* Dude. This is awesome. Soo Children of Bodom, I love it. This is awesome, you need to record this. Great riffage. Overall, 10/10.

The Fallen: Really peaceful. I really enjoyed that. Great way to slow down the album from the previous few songs. Great job with all the instruments. This is probably one of my favorite songs so far. Overall, 10/10.

The River: Awesome for the last track. I really loved this one. Only problem was that the orchestra hits and the guitar power chords didn't line up in a number of places. I would go back and double check all that. Also, the solos/leads had a few random off-key notes. I would go check that too. Great job though. This is truely a great song. Overall, 9/10.

This album could totally go places. I say get a band together and record this ****. Send it to spinefarm or something dude...

The River + Repentence + Burn make this EP for me. If I saw those 3 tracks on a cd for like $30, I'd buy it. Fucking astounding. The guitar doesn't always fit the key in The River (specifically bars 63-70) but the intro was just amazing.

Repentence was really clever. There was something about it that conveyed a frantic epic mood perfectly without lyrics (the sign of a true song-writer).

Burn was fantastic. The piano was just.... as webbtje said, perfect. Don't you dare change a freakin' note.

Half was good, but not particularly different from some of the other stuff on the EP.
I didn't really like Last Of Our Hope. Just didn't grab me sorry. And neither did "The Fallen". The atmosphere was nice, but it just...didn't reach out and grab me by the throat. Eternal Damnation was ok, part 1 definatly better than part 2. Not sure why I feel that way, but part 1 was more interesting to me.

Overall I'll give it an 8/10. Mainly cause The three I mentioned early OWN so freakin' hard.