I recorded this as part of a school
composition for my music GCSE,
with a couple of friends, I liked it,
and wanted some second opinions,
considering making a bands out of it,
please comment, it's death metal,
NOT metalcore, deathcore aor hardcore
or any of that ****, any suggestions
on improvements are welcome =]
It's on my profile, enjoy!
not my type of thing as you'd know :P But good job, you and Ben gonna record more of this stuff?
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Very, VERY good! I really like the riffs you have here. If I were you I'd make the drums louder, that's about the only bad thing I can think of. The sound quality isn't all that great, but that makes the song better IMO. The solo is awesome, nice and dissonant. Would love to hear some vocals on this one!

yeah, hopefully, if Sion agrees to it,
we should do some more of this stuff,
and about the drums Dores, I see
what you mean :P they were drowning
everything out, so I went back to make
then quieter, a little too quiet maybe :P
and vocals, I simply couldn't find
anyone with a good growl tbh,
or didn't look hard enough :P,
thanks for the feedback anyway,
C4C to anyone else?
Hell yeah man, I liked that. I especially liked the break before the solo (1:15'ish to 1:50ish) and then the solo went well, except it felt like it ended to abruptly. Overall great tune
pretty sweet. good too see some good death metal being pounded out. were those real drums?? the drummer is quite good if it is :-D some solid death metal riffs in there. defenitly needs vocals to give it that death metal feel. your tone fit very well, and that pinch ever so often was sweet. reminded me a bit of cryptopsy, which si always good for death metal

edit- i felt as if the drums were a little low in the mix, maybe make them more prominent
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

thanks for the comments,
yes, the drums are real,
Sion (The Drummer) is just insane,
and ofc it's been said before
that the drums weren't loud
enough in the mix,
and the solo did end a little too
early, but that was due to a
minor error on my part,
but it still doesn't sound too
bad, lack fo time meant that I
couldn't edit it. We'll need vocals
next time, to really finish it off
thanks for all the feedback,
C4C anyone else?
very sweet man. i was expecting crap like WTC, but got some really tight Death metal instead. very solid drums. reminded me of CC somewhat. i actually liked that the drums were a bit low in the mix, it made the guitar easy to pick out. which brings me to the guitar.
all the riffing and fills in this are extremely tight. as a guy above said, the cryptopsy like harmonics are great and fit perfectly. the riffing is very tight and well defined. the tremolo picked sections add great depth to the song as well. the bridge at 1:20 is super heavy!
im not really fan of the staccato and pauses during the solo. i think a more continuous solo would work better. the way you have it does have a good vibe though.

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I don't really care much for the super fast **** so I can't really comment on the tune itself. Sounds like harmonic minor. That always sticks out to me, like it's Egyptian or something. I think it's tough to use that scale and not have that sound. Seems like metal kids are all told to use harmonic minor. The guitar was distant and had a ton of reverb on it. The effect of this and mix made me feel like I was on Benedryl or NyQuil or something. Sounds like it's being played down in a mine shaft or something. With a good mix this could have sounded a lot better. The beginning super fast part just sounds like sludge to me on my system. Gets better after that. The solo needed more sustain and should be re-done. You could do better. Do like 20 takes and pick the best one. Overall it definitely shows potential for being a good, tight band. Should definitely keep working on it. Don't mind me, I'm old and this sort of metal isn't my thing.
Woah, this is really fast and heavy. I like your tone although i felt there was too much reverb/echo to suit this song. I thought the drums also sounded very good. Liked the solo as well, even though it did sound slightly...weird. If you re-recorded this song with a bit less reverb and turned up the drums slightly, I think this would be an excellent song (not that it is bad now, it is very good). It's defintely got potential. Well done!

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Wow, this is really awesome. The recording quality is a bit poor, but it's a great song, nice playing, awesome drums although they could've been louder. This would be a lot better if it was recorded again with better quality and vocals added.
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Sweeeeet. Whoever did the drum's is a madden!!! Its all a bit poorly mixed, with not much dynamic, but that a post production thing and its a demos so who care. The atcually song its mind-blowing :P Crit my songs?