My 2 friends decided to both go for 2 weeks without masturbation. This is a fairly challenging thing for them to do being as though they're both sixteen and girlfriend-less.

Its been five days, and things seem to be going fine. I just wondered if you guys have decided to do anything like this and what the outcome was.

And yes, I know its probably been before.
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Badreligionrock is the man.

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I just don't see the point.
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the only way to become the ultimate master and ... propably can live without it for a year is

to just get a girlfriend
I went 11 days. Then I masturbated and got dumped by my girlfriend.
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This statement could not be more of a lie.

No, tis true. I didn't try it, I don't have the willpower.
when i went to Africa for a month on a school trip thingy, i lasted without it, it was tough but i did it, so 2 weeks should be a piece of piss
I went ten days once. The weight I lost when I came was incredible
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the only way to become the ultimate master and ... propably can live without it for a year is

to just get a girlfriend

totaly agree... i managed to last 2.5 weeks... wasnt that hard. and they should really get a GF, seriously.
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why would gettin a girlfriend stop u masturbating?

She does it for you.
you GET (at least) masturbated

so you won't have to do it yourself

ooooh... thanks liam
I go weeks at a time without.
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did it for two weeks, from the 28th of december 2007 to around the 16th of january 2008. for the first week and a half life was absolutely amazing because my sexual drive was sky high and i found myself flirting with every girl i met. in this time tho i was going to a lot of parties and drinking a lot of alchohol so i think that had an effect (alchohol lowers testosterone a bit) but then after that i found that it took a lot to turn me on so i started fapping again incase i became non sexual. its hard to explain really but its worth trying to get you motivated to do things but if things start going wrong (in everyday life) you get aggressive and lash out at more things then burst into tears. imma try a month starting......


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I just don't see the point.

Lol yeah at school we had it as a competition, lots of us did it. I got to 13 days and was in the last 5 or so people but thought "why am i actually bothering doing this? I have proved to myself I CAN control myself, but really why should i have to?"
I pretty much forced myself to have a wank, i wasn't even in the mood.
i always give up masturbation for the first couple of hours of lent.
I'm finishing my third day it the moment, on school days I try to fill my evenings with playing guitar rather than boners; which I could very easily do.
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