I know, it's a stupid question. But, as I plan on going for my music, possibly Musician's Institute or something like that, what are the basic things to know on the bass? I mean, anyone can do root notes and whatnot, but I find it hard to be really creative in the ways of making up basslines. What am I *supposed* to know, theory and playing wise if I were to apply to MI in 2,5 years from now?
all scales
all arpeggios
any patterns
learn as many different types of songs as possible
Rockin' shit
learn how to 'walk'. jazz.

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learn how to 'walk'. jazz.

2nd'd If you can do that right and creatively, it'll mean that you know alot about theory/ general bassdom.

takes alot of work tho, its one my 'eventual' goals
Practise everything, scales, theory, EVERYthing that you can. Practise like your life depends on it.
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Does anyone know good sites where most/all scales for bass is located? And do you guys know any fancy tricks to use to learn scales? Kind of : I'ts the same position for C and G major scale, and so on. To make it more easy remembering positions and use it for scales in other keys, if you get me (I suck at explaining).
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Practise everything, scales, theory, EVERYthing that you can. Practise like your life depends on it.

Listen to this man, that's all there is to it.

I recommend setting out a semi-structured practise routine and keeping at it. I say semi-structured because there are times when you just want to play about a bit rather than strictly practising.
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Get a teacher.
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A teacher is the best idea, if you're serious. Otherwise just practice scales, arpeggios, theory, everything.
Well, I'm in music high school so I got a teacher and all that in both bass and guitar, I would easily switch my guitarlessons for one more bass though.

I just need some kind of guidline regarding scales. I have to this day found myself held back by the fatc that there seems to be like hundreds of scales out there, how do I memorize them? Tricks?

Will this help me with arpeggios? It's for guitar, but I reckon it's the same thing although examples are written for guitar?
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get a drum machine! practicing with-out a beat is hard, and gets boring. a metronome
helps but it's very boring.
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get a drummer to jam with
or a drum machine
and try some ska i love jamming to ska
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