I have a college exam in a couple of week in which im gona have to play 3 solo pieces.
I can play PoT and Pulling teeth. But I dont know what to play as my third piece.
It needs to show I am able in different styles and of course with my instrument.
So have you guys got any thoughts on what I could do?
No Wooten stuff though, My double thumping speed isnt that good yet!
Thanks in advance
stu hamn
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I can already play alot of his Country Music, but I dont want the examiner to think I am taking the P*ss.
Sorry, TS, what's PoT? And try YYZ by Rush. That oughta impress them.
PoT is portraity of tracy by Jaco Pastorius
I would do YYZ but it has to be a solo piece, YYZ is like for a full band.
I think im allowed like a drummer aswell hence why I could do pulling teeth.
I'd suggest a bebop jazz tune or a classical piece if you want a different style from the other two.
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Chromatic Fantasy! Chromatic Fantasy!

Yeah, in a few weeks? hahahahahaha

That's laughable. Anyway, I would recommend maybe a classical or a jazz piece. There's tonnes of jazz and classical solo pieces out there for the choosing.