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This is my rig Jackson DKMG into a Zakk wylde wah, modded boss super overdrive, boss equilizer, boss bluesdriver, and boss metalcore, wich goes into a orange tiny terror and epiphone jr cab.

I was thinking about buying a mxr super compressor, a mxr EVH phase 90, boss tremelo, boss super chorus, and boss giga delay. This would complete my pedal board.

For the guitar I would keep with the jackson for now but eventualy step up to an american made soloist.

For the amp I would step up to a Orange Rocker 50 or Marshall JCM200 with a matching 2x12 cab.

This should cost without the guitar about $3000-$4000.

But even with this decieded I need advice. I don't want people saying boss sucks or orange sucks I just want advice.

Every pedal but the phase is up in the air and I want advice on the brand. It is the tipe of effect I want I just don't know brand so some nice brands would be good and except for delay I don't want it to cost over $150

I don't need much advice on the amp but if you have information on mesa boggie or rivera I would take advice.

I also have an Ibanez V-Blade in perfect condition in wich I am willing to sell. And If anyone wants to buy I may think about offers.

Now your probly wondering what music I play. I play blues, rock, and metal. But I mostly want this equipment to be good for Metal like Lamb of God or the Showdown or shadows fall. But I would want to get a good modern blues sound out of it too.

Remember for the amp and efects I only want to spend around $3000-$4000

Its long but if you read it all and don't have advice at least vote in the poll.
In all honesty, there is nothing wrong with boss pedals. But if you're willing to spend as much money as you are, you can do much, much better. Look into Electro-Harmonix, ZVex, TC Electronic, Lexicon, and others.
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with the right high gain amp you wouldnt need the metalcore......however if you want a good blues tone you will need a good clean tone....i use a fender blues deluxe cause it has a badass clean tone, from there you can use distortion pedals to get your metal tone.....i use the landmine LD-1 distortion pedal and its badass.........just another suggestion
sowhat while i have no problem with pedal distortion the tube distortion sounds so much better. And the blues is mainly for fun and I play metal and rock at gigs so for blues ill be happy with a clean amp and pedal but thanks for the advice
For the people who have voted decent can you give me advice on what needs help the pedals or amps and keep in mind im going for hard rock tone
The JCM2000 TSL has an insane clean for being a marshall, and as for the distortion, it was REALLY impressive as well, handled all my modern hi-gain stuff, as well as any clean, or blues-rockish tone I wanted... I would definitely say that is a good buy for sure and it will do all the stuff you listed above.... with that being said, you wouldn't have to worry about the distortion pedals etc, you could focus more on the phaser, tremolo, etc..... so there you go, thats my opinion
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