Would this speed be considered slow or fast? Either way am trying to play a piece of music at this quoted speed and I carnt keep up?
What time signature?
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it's in 4/4, the C stands for Common time (4/4)
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4/4 time at 170 is moderate more than anything else, a lot of music is faster, and a significant amount is slower
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Depends on what sorta note you're playing.

Try playing at 66bpm, just playing the A major scale, try to play it at 8 notes per click. Then it seems VERY fast, when it's only at 66bpm.
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Erm, erm, the tab book doesnt say but it just has a huge big C were the time sig normally is, heres the song.


Dude that's a tough song, go easy on yourself
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Tempo on its own means little, and note value on its own means little. The two in conjunction provide the actual "speed" of the song. That seems like at least 16ths at 170, which is pretty fast.
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It could be cut time though(?)

Isn't that a C with a line through it?

TS: That song is not especially fast but it's difficult I can tell you that; sweeping and solid alternate picking in 16ths at 170 is no mean feat. Take it easy, it'll come with time and practice.
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