What do you think of Jay-Z, Kings of Leon and Verve headlining, i think it sucks.
There were strong rumours of Muse though But they won't do it
Have the reading headliners been announced yet, probably will be going to to that with some mates.
i think kings of leon are the best headliners out of the 3 they were epic at reading last year, i dont think the reading headliners get announced till like 15 minutes before the tickets go on sale which is gay.
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Rumours Rage are headlining on the Friday at Reading =]
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I don't think Rage will headline Reading this year, as they are already headlining T in the Park. But then again, the Verve appear to be headlining both Glastonbury and T in the Park so I hope Im wrong

but back on topic, i think Glasto is Ok. They always have been different, so a rap artist headlining isnt that big a deal

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To be honest, I was drawn towards Glastonbury because last year they had an absolutely amazing Chemical Brothers set, and was hoping for some more good dance stuff, but seeing the headliners, I doubt it.

Reading, and trendy ****ty indie, it is!
Radiohead aren't doing it cos Thom says it's not 'green' enough. Seriously Thom, f*ck off.
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