So I want to fool around with effects, not so much different distortion/overdrive but mostly flanger, delay, reverd etc. I looked around the interwebz and found a couple nice-looking processors but I don't know which is best for the money.

Boss ME-20
Seems like a nice thingy to me, nice price, good features

Boss ME-50
Also a nice thing, more effects as the ME-20 but also expensiever (80 euro)

Toneworks AX3000G
Looks good, but seems like a lot distortion/ovedrive and less other effects. It's the same price as the Boss ME-50 so I'm leaning more towards the ME-50 if it's between this two.

So what do you think is best for me? One of these 3 or maybe something else? If you recommend me something else please keep it under $300/€300, because I don't want to spend more on it.
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Dont get a mutlieffect.

I didn't ask that, I will get one because I want to fool around with effects and a multieffect is cheaper than buying seperate stompboxes. I don't mind a bit of toneloss, I only play in my bedroom.
Quote by chewablemoo
Dont get a mutlieffect.

+1 yeah stomps are better, but get what you want.

I'd go for the Me-50 if i were you
i'd say me-50...enough effects to fool around with and extremely easy to use...i dont like the complexity of other multi-effects...but i think thats just me
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I bought my GT-8 used for $225. It's got a send/recv loop so you can use individual pedals/preamps for distortion tones and the GT-8 for all the other FX. Combines the best of both worlds.
I only have experience with a pod xtl, rp 300a and a friends boss me33 and rp 80. The pod is better then the others but a bit more expensive. The boss comes in 2nd. But if your just experimenting to figure out what dedicated pedals you want to end up with any of them will probably do. The POD has the advantage of all the amp models which may also direct you to the amp you want to end up with. If your deep into experimenting the pod is probably your best choice.
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