Howdy everyone.

A few months ago, I took a trip into the city and somehow managed to return with an Ibanez Artcore AGB200. The store was out of cases at the time and I had to take it home in the box.

So far it's been fine sitting on it's stand, but I plan on moving in a couple months and figure it's about time I got a case for the thing. I had a look on the internet and I read somewhere it's impossible to find a case other than ordering straight from Ibanez to fit it though. Any Artcore owners in here know if there's truth to this and/or provide any case suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
Yeah I don't know where you are but the Ibanez made cases for these (I've got an AGB140) are impossible to find in the UK.
Yeah, that's exactly where I am. Cheers for the fast response.

Guess I'm looking at at a gig bag then?
I actually had trouble finding a gig bag it fitted in since the 140 is longer than most basses but that shouldn't be a problem with the short scale version.