Title pretty much covers it. I've been looking for the tab to this song and can't seem to find any attempt at it anywhere. Anyone else ever see it or know it that's willing to give it up? I'm too lazy and quite honestly not as skilled to sit down and figure it out myself. My buddies and I have a little garage jam band and would love to cover this one except I've never seen it tabbed out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
The chords are D A Bm C for the verses and Bm G for the choruses. There's a guitar lick on the G in the chorus, the notes are GG B D FF E D played from the G chord position. I'd have to look up the lyrics in my files, will do if you need them.
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Right on man!!! That's it. I had the chords down, but I just couldn't figure out the riff, been goofing off with it for some time but just couldn't quite nail the riff, at least the right (sounding) way. Dang, my original post request was from Feb 2008, I had pretty much given up on anyone reponding to this. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to this ancient posting. Many thanks bro!!!!