hi, i was wondering how much a body repair for an acoustic Guitar would cost.

I have a 25th Anniversary Taylor guitar, model 414-RCE. I recently left it at my church, which is very cold at night, and when my dad brought it back home, i noticed that there were very noticable cracks on the guitar body.

I know, i was irresponsible to just leave my guitar in a very cold place, and i feel dumb about doing so. I hope none of you make this mistake with an expensive guitar such as this one.

Here are a few picture of my guitar, and the damage done.


What would the cost be to repair this damage?
take it to a speacilist acoustic/ folky instrument shop and do it sooner rather than later
it will be expensive but ityou dont do it sooon the guitar will fall apart
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it will probably be very expensive and the guitar will never be the same.if it cost more than half what you paid for the guitar just get a new one.
damn thats a nice guitar...sorry to hear about it!!!
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the crack look like it's going in the same direction as the wood grain. in terms of it's structural stability... it should be fine. the strength of the wood lies in it's lengthward direction running along the grain, not between each grain. that is... the crack wont get bigger unless you push on it. it shouldnt get bigger just by being played.

not sure how much it is to fix, but as long as the crack doesn't grow, it wont affect anything.
^^ The man speaks the truth. The repair would be rather costly, and from what it looks like, the guitar is still very structurally sound. The sound quality might drop, but if the top bracing is still secure, you should be alright with it. If it starts to get progressively worse, then take it to a reputable luthier.

If it makes you feel any better, my favorite acoustic has a very similar wound. The crack developed after i put a solid ding into it. It still rings like a bell. I swear the cracks make it better. I think you should make up a cool story about how it happened!
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hahaha, tell everyone that you got attacked by a killer squirrel and knocked it out with your guitar. i think that would be an awesome story, HAHAHA.
actually, my brother told me that crack migh have been caused because the wood was too dry. And if i can humidify it ALOT, the crack might close, with some glue. Sounds funny, but might work. Or i can go with the killer squirrel.
cracks can also form if you introduce the wood from being very cold to very warm(taking it from the cold into room temperature). you should never open a guitar case in room temperature if you know your guitar is cold. the sudden shock can also cause cracks.

im not completely sure about the wood and humidifying it. but make sure that you do everything in moderation. dont over humidify. everything... and i mean everything... will screw up if you do it to an extreme.

personally, i would just leave the crack alone. it's structurally sound. i wouldnt mess with it if it was my own guitar.
umm... i don't know where you guys take your guitars, but that shouldn't be expensive to fix at all. take it to a shop and check. most likely they are just going to squeeze a little glue in there and cleat it from the inside. it's not a hard or expensive thing to do, especially that crack. sometimes it's a little harder to do depending on the location and size of the cracks, but that one looks like it should be quite easy.

i only saw one crack. are there more?