I'm going to Key West in 3 weeks, and I'm bringing my gee-tar. I'm going to be playing it on the beach, under a palm tree, with a straw hat on my head. Besides the obvious Jimmy Buffet songs, I'm clueless of what other songs would be appropriate to play. Any suggestions will be helpful. If guitar playing went "Easy-Medium-Hard", any suggestion from easy to a little bit above medium will be great. Help me have an enjoyable playing time and I'll bring you home a keychain with your name on it and mail it to you. Or I'll mail you a postcard. Either one. Your choice! - sd
Lefty disguised as righty
island in the sun weezer and just about any song in the campfire thread enjoy the rays also any song that a pretty girl wants you to sing but i would be to busy fishing.

Try some Bob Marley... I shot the Sherriff... One Love... Buffalo Soldier...
...and a little UB4...Red Red Wine...
Look up the Lyrics to David Allen Coe's "Marijuanaville"... its sung to Buffets' Marguaritaville.
...The Banana Boat song (Day-o)

Have a blast.