I have a very old Kramer Striker Custom FR-424CM Electric Guitar, and The pickups I got with it are really wimpy (I bought it from a friend, and it's really old, so I don't know if they are the originals or not). they have acceptable upper range, but horrible bass. I'm looking for something meatier. I'm looking for some recommendations for new pickups. I'm replacing all 3 and I have about 200 bucks to spend. Suggestions? Also, I recently repainted the guitar to basically look like I dug it out of a dumpster, which I did at one point (different story), so I'm not worried about how well the pickups match each other in looks. In fact, if they don't match, all the better. Please help.
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what stlyes you play
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Look up lace sensors, or check out rockmonkeyguitars.com. Both are excellent choices for single coils.


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