Hi. I'm not sure if this is in the right thread or not, but I have a quick question concerning fingerpicking.

I'm getting pretty good at playing separate strings in succession, however when it comes to playing two notes on the same string, I tend to slow down a bit, my playing gets sloppy, and I start sounding worse... how can I play more than one note on the same string without slowing down (which fingers do I use for the right hand to play the string is really more of the question)?
Are you using just one finger??? Alternate fingers... You can't use always just one.
If you need to play the fifth fret on the E string and the seventh on the G string, you would use your thumb to pick the first and any other to play the last note. If you don't understand go to youtube and see how people play nothing else matters, then you're gonna catch the trick.
And if you want to play super-fast on a same string, well... get a pick.
i'm in a classical guitar class at school, my professor teaches us to use alternating fingers no matter what. index middle index middle index middle, no matter the speed or duration of the note. then for more complex things add thumb for bass notes.
Gear nut
Try alternating between Index and Middle fingers such as if you were picking downward and upward. Alternating between those will help you gain speed to nail those hard riffs.