When I tried a Flying V with my strap the guitar lost it's balance, when I dropped it with my fretting hand the neck was almost straight down.
And when I tried to play it was very difficult because it was to heavy for my fretting hand.

Is there a type of guitar strap that is made for Flying V/Rhoads guitars, that makes them balanced?

An example, see in the start: (It's not me)
i dont think so man, just get one of the starps with the shoulder rests, that might help
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0:09: The guitar falls as it does for you.

The problem is called neck dive, it happens on almost any guitars with a strap on the upper cut-away. SGs, Vs, Explorers, MLs, and lots of Hollow and Semi-hollow bodies suffer, it just takes some getting used to.
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I was actually thinking about getting on of these, maybe you could try getting an acoustic holder, like ones that tie around the headstock (under strings) and then you attach to your strap? Idk just an idea if you really hate that neck falling, I don't usually have that problem as I play sitting down a lot, and i've always played with it in between my legs, bad habit especially with acoustics and bigger guitars lol.
try a wider strap
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