I think Beringher do some cheap mixers, unsure of how good they are though. But if their amps are amything to go by it wont be anything special. For software, theres Cubase and the like, but thats like £200 (in the UK at least), so if thats a bit much maybe consider a free downloadable one liek Audacity?
okay, this system is okay for recording purposes but useless for live stuff.

presonus inspire is $100 on ebay, only has 2 inputs, but it comes with cubase, and you can daisey chain them.

cubase is a great program.
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If you're recording with a computer, you're going to want firewire so you can get individual tracks.
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I'm with scott on this one.

Get a Behringer Xenyx mixer. I have the 5-channel version which only cost me £30 (just over $60 ?). There's the free downloadable Audacity, which is great if used properly. You'll also need a microphone. The Shure SM57 (for just about anything) and Shure SM58 (mainly for vocals) mics are great, although I wouldn't be too fussed if your not making professional recordings.
I would go with this set up:
Alesis MultiMix 8USB Mixer
Great mixer, I use it, it comes with Cubase.
Shure SM57
Industry standard, great mics!
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