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We all know Stevie Ray Vaughan owns. But, I am on the fence when it comes to what I think of his brother, Jimmie. When I watch my crossroads DVD, I watch the parts with Jimmie in them, and he really doesn't add too much to the song. He doesn't take many nice solos, and looks uncomfortable around EC and Buddy guy and the like.
So, what are you guy's opinion on Jimmie Vaughan? I think he's alright, but I don't think he has near to as much talent/skill as Stevie did.
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He's good, but he'll always and inevitably be compared to his brother, who makes everyone look bad.

His cover of Texas Flood on the SRV tribute album was pretty awesome.
I think he's great.

As a matter of fact, if you asked Stevie, he'd tell you he was the best.

Jimmie's got a pretty unique way of playing, IMO, and he definitely knows how to lay back and play tastefully instead of just blowing over the song.

He could play much more than he lets on, but he doesn't.
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